Upcoming elections tomorrow: (My) Europe needs you!

Upcoming elections: 5th-6th July 2017


Given the current political situation in Europe, it is important that we, Europe’s youth get involved and stand up for a peaceful und sustainable Europe.

Our generation in the EU has grown up in a more open, tolerant, multicultural society. Different languages, different skin colors, same-sex love is nothing strange, but part of everyday life for millions of young people. In order to maintain these values, young and committed Europeans put themselves as candidates for the next election on 5th-6th July to represent the Youth Council for the Future.

All newly elected representatives will meet in Frankfurt in autumn 2017 to discuss and plan our projects for the next two years.

How to vote:

Only members of the YCF can vote. You need to login with your email (Voter ID) and your password (Voter Key) you have been sent to via Email under http://j.mp/2sZAAXC.

Every voter is required to vote for one candidate per position. All together, there are 15 candidates who applied for 6 different positions which means that you will vote for 6 candidates. These are the positions: Chairperson (1), Deputy-Chairperson (2), Secretary (3), Youth Council Project Coordinator (4), Spotlight Europe Manager (5) and Public Relations Representative (6). The order of the candidates is randomly ordered. Do not forget to click on ‘Submit Vote’ after selecting the candidates.

These are our candidates:

Chairperson (1 position available)



Anathea Cristea

Armand Naessens

Cherelle Malongo

Nicolas Hernando de Larramendi

Simona Mihalca

Sophia Guermi

Zhaklin Yanakieva


Deputy Chairman / Deputy Chairwoman (1 position available)



Katya Ivanova


Secretary (1 position available)



Feargha Clear Keena

Noah Boivie


Public Relations Representative (5 positions available)



Chloe McDonell

Hazel English


Press officer (4 positions available)



No applications


Spotlight Europe Manager (2 positions available)



Heidi Mustafa

Shinouk Ettema


Youth Council Project Coordinators (5 positions available)



Clara Hachmann