“The initiative ‘My Europe’ is a chance for our students to strengthen their awareness, interest, critical thinking and sense of community as European citizens.”
– Vienna Business School Schönborngasse
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My Europe Schools

The label “My Europe School” is a Europe-wide recognized quality seal. Particularly committed schools with excellent students and teachers are eligible as “My Europe Schools”. They are part of the European Excellence Network.

Member schools demonstrate a genuine interest in other cultures, foster future-oriented thinking and commit to the ideas of a common responsibility for Europe, intercultural dialogue and active citizenship.

The long-term relationship between the school and “My Europe” Initiative is advantageous for students, teachers and headmasters. They benefit from numerous activities as well as contacts to other schools, politicians, business leaders, academics and journalists in 30 European countries. These contacts are particularly beneficial for the students in terms of professional career advancement as well as for schools who are part of a Europe-wide network of excellent schools.

There are five steps that a “My Europe School” undertakes in cooperation with the initiative:

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