Youth Council

Vytautas Žarskus

Vytautas (23) participated in our workshop in Vilnius, Lithuania, in 2014 as a student at Vilnius Žirmūnai Gymnasium. He is now in his second year of university studies in political science. His course includes an Erasmus+ student exchange programme in Croatia, Zagreb. Vytautas is particularly interested in history, politics, economics, international relations, music.

For me, “My Europe” is…

my future, my land of opportunity and my home that I want to help grow and become a better place for everyone. 

If you could, what would be the first thing you would change in Europe?

I would want to see Europe become less dependent on huge corporations (especially the oil ones), because they are getting too much power on politics and economics. For example Gazprom which russian government can use to manipulate European foreign relations because it is the biggest fuel provider in Europe. I would change policies regarding those corporations and maybe find some other ways to become more independent from outside countries.

Activities for the Youth Council:

Member of the Working Group on Education (since 2015)

Member of the Working Group on Energy (2014-2015)