Youth Council

Paula Total-Avwioroko

Paula (16) participated in the London Workshop in 2016. She is attending St Angela’s Ursuline School in London. Her hobbies are reading, writing and baking. Her dream job is to become a Paediatrician.


My Europe is OUR Europe united as ONE.

If you could, what would be the first thing you would change in Europe?

I believe realisation is starting to dawn on some people, the consequences of our actions to our climate and how it will affect our future generations. Due to this reason, if I could, I would change our use of fossil fuels because fossils release Carbon dioxide into our atmosphere which contributes in the increase of CO2 in the Greenhouse gases which is dangerous for our earth as it warms it up. I believe for this to happen, Europe will have to come together as one and decide on more renewable sources for energy supply. Europe divided as it currently seems to be can’t help itself until it’s ONE.


Activities for the Youth Council:

Winner My Europe Workshop London (2016)