Youth Council

Maria Carmela Minonna

Maria Carmela (27) participated in our workshop in Milan, Italy, in 2012. With distinction, she graduated in law from the Faculty of Law at University Federico II of Naples in Italy. Currently, Maria Carmela is doing practice in a notary office. In her spare time she likes to read and write as well as playing sports.

For me, Europe is…

…the future. I believe in Europe and even though the EU wasn‘t born as a federation I hope that one day we‘ll have just one foreign policy and financial policy and as much as possible a uniform criminal law.

If you could, what would be the first thing you would change in Europe?

The unification process takes a long time, but the member states should start to be less nationalist to create a “European dream”, that won‘t mean not to be proud of being Italian or French or German etc but feel as European as you feel Italian, French…

Activities for the Youth Council:

Member of the Working Group on Education (since 2015)

Member of the Working Group on Environment (2013-2015)