Youth Council

Clara Hachmann

Youth Council Project Coordinator

Clara (21) participated in our workshop in Munich, Germany, in 2013. She went to school at Lycée Jean Renoir in Munich. Now she is a student in social sciences at SciencesPo Paris Campus Nancy. In the future, she would like to become a journalist. She likes to write and play basketball.

For me, Europe is…

…like a puzzle. Its pieces are all different, but in the end you can see a picture which fits all together.”

If you could, what would be the first thing you would change in Europe?

I would create some kind of European dream that would be in everybody‘s minds. This way, Europeans would have a positive feeling about being a European citizen and even be proud of it.

Activities for the Youth Council:

Member of the Working Group on Diversity (since 2015)

Member of the Working Group on Immigration (2013-2015)

Youth Council Project Coordinator (2017-2019)