Youth Council

Alex Sieber

Alex (23) participated in our workshop in Zurich, Switzerland, in 2013. Back then, he was a student at Kantonsschule Hohe Promenade in Zurich. Now he studies International Relations at the Global Studies Institute (GSI) of the University of Geneva. In the future he would like to become a diplomat for his country. He is interested in literature and enjoys playing sports.

For me, Europe is…

…a place where cultural diversity and a transnational, continental identity are in harmony.

If you could, what would be the first thing you would change in Europe?

Nowadays people think of the European Union only as an economical experiment. Actually it is much more than that. The EU was founded to evoke peace in Europe and to create a European identity. If I could, I would like to change the people’s idea about the purpose of the EU; I would like people to realize that the foundation was, all in all, a big success.

Activities for the Youth Council:

Member of the Working Group on Diversity (since 2015)

Member of the Working Group on Culture (2013-2015)