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The label “My Europe School” is a Europe-wide recognized quality seal. Particularly committed schools with excellent students and teachers are eligible as “My Europe Schools”. They are part of the European Excellence Network.


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Journalism and the publishing industry play a central role in the „My Europe“ Initiative. One of our most fundamental aims is to equip the students which participate in our workshops with the ability to express their ideas and visions through writing. For that end we bring them together with editors of national media outlets which help to develop their writing skills in a number of interactive sessions.


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Corporate partners are of essential importance to the success of the initiative. Their support enables “My Europe” to provide the participating students with an insight into the world of business and the relationship between politics, the corporate world and media.



Leading politicians and political institutions have a great impact on every-day life in Europe. They as democratically elected persons and working bodies take decisions for the common good. They are therefore one of the five groups that are part of the “My Europe” Initiative and support the project either as patrons or as cooperation partners.


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Academics play a central role in the “My Europe” Initiative. Their knowledge serves as inspiration for students and encourages them to pursue the dream of European integration. Their future activism needs to be based on both a solid understanding of the past as well as a clear idea of the future.