“Each one of the students who submitted
their articles is the seed for a better future.”

Alina Vlad, Head of the World News Apartment, Libertatea


Journalism and the publishing industry play a central role in the „My Europe“ Initiative. One of our most fundamental aims is to equip the students which participate in our workshops with the ability to express their ideas and visions through writing. For that end we bring them together with editors of national media outlets which help to develop their writing skills in a number of interactive sessions.

We therefore cooperate with some of the most distinguished newspapers and their editorial offices throughout Europe. These collaborations, however, proof beneficial for all parties involved. The students get the opportunity to experience the daily routine of the publishing world first hand and find out what it means to be a journalist. Media outlets on the other hand get access to a network of young, talented and highly motivated students from all over Europe, bringing fresh ideas on Europe’s future to the table.

Among our current partners are:

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