"My Europe" Live Chat with Amnesty International

On Monday, 12 January 2015, 5 pm CET you had the chance to get in touch with Amnesty International, a well-known human rights organization. 7 million people around the globe help Amnesty International to protect and advocate human rights. How does Amnesty work with the European Union? What can we – as young citizens of the EU – do to protect Human Rights ? Many questions came up by participants from all over Europe. To review the Live Chat discussion simply click here or visit us on Facebook.


The Live Chat was presented to you by the Youth Council for the Future. Smaranda, Deputy Chairwoman moderated the Live Chat. We invited Mr. Thomas Schultz-Jagow, Senior Director of Campaigns and Communications at Amnesty International to give answers to all of your questions in person. He leads the organization’s brand strategy, global campaigns, communications and media strategies as well as language services. He is a key spokesperson on Amnesty International’s campaigns and on organizational issues. Thomas previously held Director-level campaigns and communications roles at Oxfam GB, WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and Greenpeace International. He holds degrees in Political Science and History.