Live Chat with Peter Vesterbacka

Peter Vesterbacka is the Chief Marketing Officer and Mighty Eagle of Rovio Entertainment Ltd., the creator of the wildly successful Angry Birds franchise and over 50 other games.



Peter manages the company’s marketing and business strategy, including expanding Angry Birds into a broader entertainment franchise. He is also the founder of Some Bazaar, a new approach to building and growing new businesses.

In 2011, Time Magazine recognized Peter as one of the most influential people in the World in their TIME 100 Listing.

During the live chat on 23. January 2014, young people had the chance to learn about the big success story of “Angry Birds”, a portable game which fascinated millions of players worldwide. The cute little birds conquered the heart of many fans and that is where marketing comes in:

If you are serious about making games you have to be serious about marketing.”

Additionally Peter encouraged the chat participants to think about an internship possibility at Rovio and had some news up his sleeve with regard to the game.

(You can read up the chat here.)