We are very sad about the outcome of the Brexit referendum! However, we also believe that the result of this vote is a reminder of the powers of the older generation not only in the UK but also in Europe. An overwhelming majority of young Britons (75%) and people in cities voted to remain in the EU. Today, our generation is already multicultural and will continue to be even more diverse in the future. Such diversity brings numerous advantages. The ability to speak several languages and to know different cultures is necessary for a peaceful world. One of the biggest arguments of the Leave Campaign was the fear of immigration. However, we know today that in the next 50-100 years climate change will lead to a worldwide refugee crisis which will be of a much larger scale than the one Europe is experiencing at the moment. Therefore we need to get together to find solutions instead of going separate ways. We believe that if young people had greater influence in politics, the world would be vastly different. That is why we continue to support Europe’s Youth – including the UK – to give them a platform where they can talk about the issues that matter to them. Our “My Europe” workshop in London last week was very successful. Students from three schools in London discussed climate change refugees in the 21st century with experts from the Representation of the European Comission in the UK, Refugee Council of Hessen, S&P Global and OMFIF. We were very impressed with the questions of the students and their participation throughout the whole day and are looking forward to our next workshop in the UK.

Your My Europe Team