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Noomi Kitschke


This Gets Under Your Skin!

In the film industry it is already a popular future vision and now it becomes reality: Chip implants. The tiny alrounder as small as a grain of rice, is planned to simplify our life as average consumers dramatically – and change it. However, how much will these chips influence our life? How protected will our privacy be remained? Young reporter Noomi Kitschke has betaken herself to the interior of the EASIER LIFE Company and has spoken with head of the company Dennis Bocher of his newest development.

I am glad that you have taken your time to talk with me about the newest development of EASIER LIFE Company. The use of chip implants, for the everyday optimization is a popular subject of the film industry for a long time. What made you come this late fictive idea get reality now?

Bocher: “To speak in short: I no longer wanted to wait, until it does someone else for me. It is actually in so that I am very much a scatterbrained person, so that the searches for my key or the insured person‘s map belonged to my everyday life. I have considered long how to solve this problem finally. And what is better than to have all dates you require in your daily life where you can`t lose them – in your body? As you already said, the idea of the chip implants exists already for many years. Hence, it was only a matter of time, until somebody puts this vision into action.“

You just said that all required dates are contained in this chip. Of which dates do we speak here exactly?

Bocher: “Until now we have four different models of the tablespoon-chip implants which should adapt themselves with their different performances optimally to the demands of our customers. We have started with an Identity chip’ which contains basic information, as for example the name or the date of birth. Our Identical chip is a practical substitute for identity card, passport and driving licence. These features are included in all our continuing chip models. For criminal desperados it is no longer possible to steal identities. Our second type the so-called `Home chip’ will disburden the everyday life in own four walls. It serves as a universal key for house and car. An integrated security barrier provides that technical machines like cooker or electric iron are switched off immediately if none of the chipped inhabitants are in the house. The biggest list of successes however celebrates our ` Healthy chip’. Especially with the older and `progress-shy’ generation our advancement of the health insurance map turns out to be very popular. Instead of transmitting only the dates of the health insurance, the responsible doctor is informed after scanning the chip about current blood and liver values as well as about possible allergies and the last vaccination. Thereby we promise not only a quicker, but also a more actual and more comprehensive treatment of the special patient. We also are proud, however, of our emergency call system which can be integrated into the chip at special wish. Our‚ Healthy chip’ can be used for regular measuring of the pulse as well as the oxygen salary in the blood and strong deviations of the norm are immediately registered and the chip sends an emergency call to the family doctor to bring help to the patient in the fastest possible way. This function of course we only suggest for strong clinical pictures, like cancer, diabetes or dementia. It is not intended for the healthy average citizen. Less spectacularly but more important for everyday`s life is our fourth model – the `Business chip’. It simplifies the payments substantially, is a substitute for credit cards and soon we will no longer imagine our life as active business people without this life-simplifying chip. I have implanted myself one of the advanced prototypes of it and now my everyday`s life is really tremendously easier for me! Our aim is of course all to put all these applications on one single chip to be able to offer an all-embracing service to our customers. However, until we will be able offer this some time will past, because our customers must get used without any hurry to this nevertheless strange progress.“

This seems to be a very dramatic intervention into privacy. Many of your potential customers are afraid of perfect supervision which could be possible with your new technology.

Bocher: “Our chip implants do not more intervene in the privacy than cards with electronic chips used presently or by using mobiles. The most important difference consists in the fact that you don`t have to carry machines or cards with which can get lost or be stolen. Of course it is possible for us to supervise, when you have made purchases the last time. But this is possible as well with every use of a credit card. However, a permanent location call over satellite, like 4 with most mobiles, is technically not possible with EASIER LIFE Company products. Even if the basic idea of the chip implants arises from popular Hollywood movies the permanent supervision and control of thoughts of our customers remains, nevertheless, only a science fiction vision.“

I would like to come back to using your chip for financial matters. Would it not be easy for criminals to scan the planted chip maybe while walking beside the scanned person? And so get free access to all financial and other private accounts?

Bocher: “This idea seems to be obvious. However, we have programmed our chips in a way that for every implementation- may it be a payment or transmitting personal dates-a certain kind of the muscle strain in the chipped arm is necessary which the customer exports by purely self-elected hand signs.“

What would be the biggest success for EASIER LIFE Company for you personally?

Bocher: “The biggest success of course would be exporting our tablespoon-chip implants throughout Europe and so revolutionize the new form of the data transfer internationally by allowing a unique and relaxed use of the personal dates for everyone.“

I thank you for the interview and hope to hear furthermore about the success of your company.