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What will be the biggest challenges regarding climate-change refugees in Europe in the next 50 years?

The Earth’s atmosphere is changing at a rate that has surpassed most logical conjectures. A few families and groups have as of now experienced calamities and the outcomes of environmental change, compelled to leave their homes looking for a safe place to stay.

I have got in contact with Unicef UK. Unicef help raise funds for organisations worldwide emergencies and development work. I emailed the organisation and asked them:

What do you think will be the biggest challenges regarding climate change refugees in Europe?

They replied Dear Maria-Jose,

Thank you for thinking of Unicef UK and for getting in touch about your project.

Unicef UK has been working hard to bring the effects that climate change is having and will have on children across the world to the forefront of UK policy making.

Unicef UK has launched an appeal this year for the children of East and Southern Africa who are facing the brutal effects of El Nino. This crisis appeal is in response to the devastating water and food shortage that is putting more than 26 million children in danger in east and southern Africa, where 1.2 million children face severe malnutrition.

We are also running an appeal for the children affected by the European Refugee Crisis, and have been running Winter Campaigns for the children of Syria for the past 5 years of conflict there.

The wellbeing of child refugees is of course of great concern to Unicef UK, and we have created the Climate Chain as an online initiative to make people aware of the dangers that all children face as a result of climate change.

Using this I believe that in 50 years. Which will be 2066 I believe that organisations around the world will help awareness of government and the people. As around the world with these technologies and young people voicing their opinion on world issues. People have been seen to listen more as they believe if the younger generation care then it must be very important. I believe that in 2066 people will have more of a say causing more awareness of people. Although I think that some challenges will be the people objecting to these opinions, which will kind of effect the climate change due to people ignoring people suggestions. Leading to natural disasters and a large amount of refugees migrating to other countries. The problems this will cause is over population of countries and some people not willing to help. This is why I believe people should voice their opinion to help people understand. If we do not change are ways many people could be affected as we can prevent climate change. Which I believe in the next 50 years most of the challenges will be caused by people being unaware of these situations.