Berlin Workshop

Jagoda Müller


Interview with the popular Prof. Dr. Andrew Brown

Future Magazine: Hello Dr. Brown, we‘re gonna talk today about the year 2030. About our expectations and dreams and about the real future of 2030. So let us begin.. What do you think, every person on earth expects form the year 2030?

Dr. Brown: I think there‘re many stereotypes like flying or self driving cars, time travelling or artificial intelligence.

Future Magazine: What do you think,which of these things could become true?

Dr. Brown: In my opinion we‘re very advanced in terms of technology, so it could be truly possible that our cars can drive us without a driver in 2030…perhaps even earlier.

Future Magazine: And what about flying cars, time travelling and artificial intelligence?

Dr. Brown: Flying cars? Which kid doesn‘t dream of flying cars. But now seriously, flying cars are on their way to us, believe me (laughing). According to scientific results I‘m pretty sure they won‘t exist in 2030 but certainly some years later. And now time travelling.. I mean what can I say, it‘s almost impossible. We don‘t have the knowledge about such big things and if I‘m honest I don‘t think that we can achieve it in 15 years.

Future Magazine: But maybe in 2090?

Dr. Brown: Time will show.

Future Magazine: And now artificial intelligence, what do you think about it?

Dr. Brown: Depends on in which case you wanna talk about it?

Future Magazine: Specifically about the interpersonal things in life, for example robots that replace the partner.

Dr. Brown: Hmm, If somebody would only think one minute about it, they would know that sooner or later robots wanna rule our lifes. But let me explain why. The reason is that people become lazier, from day to day and because of that everything will be replaced, from the waitress to our partners. So now you probably ask your self “why should we have a robot as our partner“ the answer is: LESS PROBLEMS!

Future Magazine: What do you exactly mean with “less problems“?

Dr. Brown: Nobody will have the time to watch out for a partner. Take a look at how long it takes to find the “perfect“ one. So you have to know that nearly 70% of the european singels are on dating portals active. But in 2030 half of them will have artificially intelligent robots. And now is the question “why“? Why will somebody have a robot as a partner? The answer is plainly.. First, it‘s way easier and faster to creat a robot with the properties your dream partner should have, than to look for him. And the second reason is, he will only do things that you want! That means no arguing and no differences. No limits!

Future Magazine: It sounds crazy. But now be honest there are also disadvantages, right?

Dr. Brown: Sure. I mean everything has some advantages and disadvantages. I think one really big disadvantage is that the robot is still a robot and he will never be a real person. He will never have his own thoughts or feelings. That could turn into a big problem for some people. And the other thing is you couldn‘t talk to him like to your friend, he wouldn‘t have the comprehension. Maybe someday we will be able to creat a robot, that will resemble a person. But first we have to be satisfied with the things we will have in the near future.

Future Magazine: So let us summarize. Our stereotypes are in some way unreal and we shouldn‘t expect as much from the year 2030?

Dr. Brown: I wouldn‘t say unreal but we expect too much. 15 years are not as long as we think. But we will achieve a lot in this short time.

Future Magazine: I‘d like to thank you for taking the time today to answer our questions. It was a pleasure.

Dr. Brown: Thank you too. I hope I could uncover some Myths and help everybody to empathize into the near future- the year 2030!


And now once again the facts- short and compact

1. Our cars will be able to drive us around without a driver.

2. Robots as our partners? Yes it‘s possible.

3. What about flying cars? Unfortunatly not in 2030 but surely some years later.

4. Time travelling is according to our findings not possible in the near future.