Berlin Workshop

Ruben Folger


How Refugees Become Victims of Europe‘s New Solidarity

“Solidarity” is what politicians all around Europe are talking about. The European Union is growing into one big country more and more. With about 590 million inhabitants it would be one of the largest and one of the most powerful countries in the world. So what are the downsides of this new sense of unity?

After Marine Le Pen‘s first election in 2024 as president of the European Commission a lot of things changed. Since then Europe centralized a lot and the power of the countries decreased for the greater good of a strong European Union, that is now far more powerful than any of the countries in it could ever be. The borders between the states of the EU became nearly invisible, but contemporaneous Europe strengthened its borders to Asia and Africa. At the moment more than one million people are working to protect the border, which is a good thing for the regions where a lot of refugees stranded before the new European Border Patrol (EBP) came to make the border an insurmountable obstacle. Marine Le Pen, president of the French party Front National and current president of the European Commission.

Countries like Spain, Portugal or Greece had to deal with an insanely high amount of refugees because of the Dublin II agreement, which said that a refugee has to apply for an asylum in the country he first reaches. Obviously these were mostly countries with an access to the Mediterranean Sea. These countries also had a very high unemployment rate, which is now a lot lower due to all the new jobs that were created with the new border. And because of the good economy of Europe the Euro reached a new all time high, that allows Europeans to invest more money in goods like clothing. So now that people invest more in these things, they can be produced right here in Europe, which is creating more jobs in Europe as well as increasing the poverty in Asia, where many factories have to close, leaving behind people without a future.

More people want to come to Europe, less are able to.

The strong economy is destroying the last jobs in developing countries, which results in an insanely high amount of people without any perspective, money and even food. These are the people that try to reach Europe in hope of a better life. But when they are reaching the border there is no way of entering this continent. Thousands of troops are constantly guarding across the Mediterranean Sea and the land borders. The EBP is reacting with violence against every refugee that tries to cross the border. The European citizens don‘t seem to care about this at all since life in Europe has gotten better through the last few years. After the commitment of human rights activists the EU developed a way for refugees to enter Europe: the green card lottery. The concept is nothing new, as the US already uses it since the late 1980‘s. However, it‘s just a drop in the bucket, because the EU is only giving away 150.000 green cards for millions of applicants every year. Most of them don‘t even go into the lottery, because of the strict rules. The refugees have therefore no real opportunity and have to try their luck by going on a boat to maybe reach Europe‘s coast without the border patrol noticing. The chance of actually coming this far is below 1%. Europe has become a real fortress with thousands of people dying behind its walls. We have to ask ourselves now if we want to stop the mass extinction right in front of our doors or if we want to keep our privileges for every price.