Berlin Workshop

Silvio Schneider


And You Killed Someone Again

And you killed someone again“. That‘s what I would say if I see one of my friends buying a new Smartphone. Of course I am drawing that kind of look to my direction that questions my sanity. „Why?“, would probably be the most calm response to my verbal provocation. „Because Africa is the playground of almost everyone who has something to say in this world“. Or rather who is able to say something. Is this answers as cryptic as the one before? Tell that to the men who are working the skin of their fingers – dry to the bone. Just so they can bring home a hard loaf of bread; durable enough to shatter their dreams of freedom and even the hope to have a taste of how it feels to sail in peace as we do. Yes. They are gathering the ore and the metal required to build that phone of yours. They are supposed to hand it over to their bosses so that they can give it to Asia for example. And here is Asia itself, having its own slaves to build the phones or other electric shenanigans. Europe is no saint in these matters. They may save refugees – more or less effective, yes. But they‘re supporting the very reason why these people are becoming fugitives in the first place. They are buying Asia‘s products and supporting them in their behavior, just how they – in turn – are supporting Africa‘s corrupt leaders to further strip the inhabitants of their hope like they would peel a banana. How durable is that worker? The power inside the core is what matters. Not everything around that core. Just like you can‘t eat the shell of a banana. It‘s being thrown away when the core is devoured. Just like the worker when he is burned out. Left to rot.

Yes! Slavery is alive people! It still is – always was! We are just sugar coating it so that we don‘t have to have a consciousness with such a weight that it would be able to drown us in our own regret; like the mafia is drowning a traitor with boots made of cement. We are betraying ourselves.

Africa is so far away. Sure.

It is almost like another dimension; perhaps a place that we will never reach in our lifetime. Like a fairy tale with a bad ending. But it is real. And it will make knock-knock against your door in the future because it is easy to move without being noticed when it‘s dark. How dark it is. If everyone is closing their eyes for that matter it is very – very dark.

With that Smartphone of yours you are stripping yourself free from the clothes your soul has. You want an easier life? You download the necessary apps to make that happen. Do you know by chance what app stands for? Application. Most people I know answer this question with a no. And if we already stop asking here, why ask any further? Because life is getting more and more simple. This is what matters after all. Right? Oh sure they just want to adapt their sales and products for you. They just want to make sure that that the product you wish to be there for is actually available for purchase. And this is why you like sharing the blood of the African on your hands who is bleeding dry just to make himself able to serve another shabby meal for his family. Just so you can whip your Smartphone out in the middle of a conversation to check What‘s App or Facebook. I am old enough to remember a time where people were able to talk without having a curse in form of a Smartphone on their hands.

I am being asked about the future when our hands are already full of the present. The future is being shaped from how we do now – today. Not how we will do tomorrow. And right now we are doing our very best – to wipe out all good that planet has to offer.