Awards in Zurich

For the writing contest following the “My Europe” workshop in Zurich in October 2013, the media partner Neue Zürcher Zeitung and Professor Pohl, founder of “My Europe”, constituted the jury. The winner of the competition received an iPad, those following as second and third won a Kindle Paperwhite eBook Reader. All winners were invited to the “Get2Gather” in Frankfurt in November 2013.

The winners were:

  1. Alex Sieber – “Dark sky over Europe“
  2. Jeannie Schneider – “The Youth Rises”
  3. Fiona Pühringer – “Visions come true?”
  4.  Léon von Fournier – “Education as the Solution”
  5.  Morris Wolf – “The Approximation Of Cultural Values –A Connected European Society”