Awards in Warsaw

The winners of the writing contest following the workshop in Warsaw in October 2013 were chosen by a jury consisting of a representative of the “My Europe” Initiative and the media partner Gazeta Wyborcza respectively as well as Jacek Kuśmierczyk, Chancellor of Polskiego Bractwa Kawalerów Gutenberga. The first prize on offer was an iPad. The winners of second and third prize received a Kindle Paperwhite eBook Reader. All winners were invited to the “Get2Gather” in Frankfurt in November 2013.

The winners were:

  1. Marta Prędka – “The Change”
  2. Katarzyna Kujawa – “How to Survive in a Computerized World?”
  3. Jakub Sieradzan – “The Emigration – Life with and without it.”
  4. Magdalena Jarolin – “Does Sex Really Matter?”
  5. Marlena Żórawicka – “Imagine”