Awards in Vienna

The jury of the writing contest following the workshop in Vienna in May 2013 consisted of representatives of the Representation of the European Commission in Austria, media partner Der Standard, the Frankfurter Zukunftsrat, as well as Dr. Tabea Scheel from the University of Vienna. The three winners won an iPad, an iPad mini, and a participation in the media day of Der Standard respectively. All winners were invited to the “Get2Gather” in Frankfurt in November 2013.

The winners were:

  1. Karl Maximilian Weber – “Pride and Hope”
  2. Smaranda Vedrasco – “Moldova living its dream – Europe in 2030”
  3. Marlene Krejcy – “The European Union finally won the battle against AIDS and received the Nobel Prize in medicine”
  4. Paulina Lewitsch – ““Environmental success for Europe”
  5. Benedict Winkler – “The United States of Europe – Birthday of a global Superpower”