Awards Ceremony in Rome

Tension was high when Maurizio Beretta, Head of Group Identity and Communications at UniCredit, officially announced the three winners of the “My Europe” Workshop in Milan at the Award Ceremony in Rome on 21 June 2012. It had not been an easy decision for the jury consisting of Mr. Beretta, Professor Delfino, Professor Gandolfi, Professor Pohl, Giangiacomo Schiavi and Luciano Vittorio Da Rold. All articles had been very well written and most importantly been very creative and visionary.


Elena Ugolini, Undersecretary of State for Education, University and Research and Professor Pohl, Chairman of ICCA and Frankfurter Zukunftsrat, awarded the prizes (iPad and Kindle Paperwhite eBook Reader). All winners were invited to the “Get2Gather” in Frankfurt in November 2013.

The winners were:

  1. Davide Cannata – “Europe, Italy: A lesson about integration”
  2. Federica Basile – “Sister E.: The new peaceful continent”
  3. Alessia Taverone – “The old phoenix will fly again”
  4. Alessandra Maffettone – “United in Diversity”
  5. Maria Carmela Minonna – “The only true Problem of the European Union – How to Perceive the Benefits of Integration”