Awards Ceremony in Munich

The winners of the “My Europe” writing contest in Munich received their prizes during a festive award ceremony on 12 July 2013. Performances by the band Couplet AG and comedian Jaromir Konecny surely made this event memorable for the five “My Europe” winners and 200 other teenagers who were also awarded prizes by Süddeutsche Zeitung for their school magazines.

The jury consisted of Professor Pohl (Frankfurter Zukunftsrat), Hartmut Pfeifer (HypoVereinsbank) and Stefan Kornelius (Süddeutsche Zeitung). As first prize an iPad and a digital subscription to Süddeutsche Zeitung was offered. For the second prize an iPad mini was to be won by a lucky student. For all following prizes internships with HypoVereinsbank as well as Süddeutsche Zeitung and a media seminar by the newspaper were offered. All winners were invited to the “Get2Gather” in Frankfurt in November 2013.

The winners were:

  1. Laura Völkl – “Of Kant and Caramel Drops”
  2. Clara Hachmann – “The heart of Europe”
  3. Maximilian Czeschka – “Europe United”
  4. Lukas Oberberger – “Snail-eater, Slowpoes, Idlers, Krauts… in the EU”
  5. Alexander Fokas – “Europe: Decision Time”


Laura Völkl, who made first prize, imagined a Europe and European Parliament in the year 2030 that will be fully accepted by its citizens: “When thinking about the European Union in 2030, I imagine a European Parliament which is present in everyone’s mind, whose issues, competences and tasks are general knowledge”.

Kristina Countess Pilati (Board of Directors, Frankfurter Zukunftsrat) underlined the importance of writing skills within the project “My Europe”: “Writing is an art; it is an essential tool of our daily communication and conveys ideas and opinions through the power of words. Therefore it is a core element of the ‘My Europe’ Initiative.”